These are the officers of the Van Buren County Republican Party and your elected officials., Feel free to contact them for more information about joining the party, volunteering for any of the activities, or if you have a question about what's happening in your government.

Van Buren County Republican Party Officials

Monica Palmer Chair
Cory Hansen Vice Chair
Erin Garnaat Secretary
Tina Leary Treasurer

6th District Republiocan Party Officials

Victor Fitz                                 6 th District Chair
Monica Palmer 6th District Vice Chair
Scott McGraw Secretary Secretary
  6th District Treasurer

Elected Officials

Fred Upton                                              6th District US Congressman
Tonya Schuitmaker State Senator 26th District
Beth Griffin State Legislator 66th District
Kurt Doroh
2nd Dustruct
Richard Godfrey, Chairperson
3rd District
Richard W. Freestone
4th District
Mike Toth, Vice Chair 
5th District
Donald Hanson
6th District
Paul Schincariol
7th District
Suzie Roehm
County Clerk
Karen Makay
(269) 657-8228
Joe Parman
(269) 657-8241
Drain Commissioner
Michael Bedford
Paw Paw269-657-8236 /
South Haven 269-637-5177
Prosecuting Attorney
Paul W. DeYoung
(269) 657-8242
Register of Deeds
Dan Abbott
(269) 657-3101
Donald Gilchrist
(269) 657-6021